Wednesday, August 22, 2012

getting closer

The studio is looking great! I can't believe how a little paint and lighting can make such a huge difference.

My stainless steel tables arrived and I love them; there is new lighting, fresh paint, a new sink, and the oven waiting to be installed.

The once bedroom, now storage and drying room, has a fresh coat of paint plus shelves and racks.

and I decided to shut my portion off from the rest of the bunkhouse (in total there are about 7 more bedrooms plus another big area in the back) in an effort to conserve energy/heat expense 

I can't wait to start hauling all my stuff over!

On the knitting front I finally finished my test knit of Calendula, a gorgeous little dress made with fingering weight yarn. I used WSK Aspen sock with nylon in a dark pink and I love how it turned out.