Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally back to school!
Gavin is off to 1st grade and for the first time going for the full day- and taking the bus (which he loves).
This I hope will give me more time to dye yarn and knit (who cares about housework!)

I just finished up an order for The Yarn Shop and Fiber Place in Bozeman, MT
This time they ordered some Willow superwash Merino in five different colorways.
comb creek, forget-me-not hill, cake, bella, and rustic rainbow
I'm sure they would be happy to take phone orders should anyone desire one of these colorways!

'comb creek' Willow SW Merino

'forget-me-not' Willow SW Merino

'cake' Willow SW Merino

'bella' kettle dyed- Willow SW Merino

'rustic rainbow' Willow SW Merino

also continue to check my etsy shop
as I have been periodically putting some skeins up there.

On the knitting front I am currently knitting for Gavin a hooded vest. We are hosting a fall sweater KAL on our Ravelry group so I hope to finish this in time.