Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's finished! It's finished!

I'm so very happy with how everything turned out- it is still a bit sterile but that should change with time.

work area for me and a sitting area for the kids

some lace weight

yarns hanging to dry

undyed yarn/fiber storage

 dye mixing room (this is still a work in progress as the old sinks need torn out and the new one put in)

and there is a little entryway by the front door that will be the 'shipping station'

let the dyeing commence!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

getting closer

The studio is looking great! I can't believe how a little paint and lighting can make such a huge difference.

My stainless steel tables arrived and I love them; there is new lighting, fresh paint, a new sink, and the oven waiting to be installed.

The once bedroom, now storage and drying room, has a fresh coat of paint plus shelves and racks.

and I decided to shut my portion off from the rest of the bunkhouse (in total there are about 7 more bedrooms plus another big area in the back) in an effort to conserve energy/heat expense 

I can't wait to start hauling all my stuff over!

On the knitting front I finally finished my test knit of Calendula, a gorgeous little dress made with fingering weight yarn. I used WSK Aspen sock with nylon in a dark pink and I love how it turned out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Studio News!

The time has finally come...WSK is moving out of my house and into a dedicated space. I am so excited!

 On the ranch we have a building called 'the Bunkhouse' where originally men that worked on the ranch lived, dorm style. It is a little red and white block style building and super close to my house- I took this picture last  night from my front lawn.

It has been many years since anyone but mice and junk have lived in the building so I asked if I could take it over and make it into a dye studio. My husband was actually pretty happy (he wants the mountains of yarn and fiber OUT of the house) so I started hauling junk out a few weeks ago.

Today he pressure washed it with bleach (this was SO needed) and removed some of the old cabinets. New windows were put in last week and tomorrow the painters come and will paint all of it- walls, ceilings and floors. Stainless steel tables have been ordered, new ovens picked out, new utility sink, electrician plans to be here in the next few weeks to install new lighting and heaters, contractor hired for storage shelving and new doors....it is finally coming together. I figured I better get some 'before' pictures so I can document the transformation. The main front room:

Then down the hallway I have emptied one of the small bedrooms to use for storage.

As you can see it needs a lot of TLC (you should have seen it before I started hauling the junk out- yikes!

I hope to be moved in and up and running by the end of August - but promise to show more progress pictures as we go :)