Monday, July 21, 2008

Coop yarn done! and a pair of shorties

Finally finished all the coop yarn- some of it needs to be wound still and some trims + one skein of sock yarn are missing from the photo (but it is all finally dyed).
I also finished the 'red mountain' shorties. I was worried that they were going to turn out too big but they fit perfectly! I was so excited I took a picture and put them on him before washing and blocking :)
Magic looping went pretty well- I really loved being done with both legs at the same time.


Tara Gowland said...

OOOO, I am so happy to be a part of your coop - I can;t wait to get that yarn onto some needles!!!

And love the shorties you posted!


lori said...

oh everything looks so yummy!

Andrea said...

Oh how I wish some of that yarn was coming to me! Next time. :)

Goooorgeous shorties. I love that colorway and your little man is such a cutie.